The craft of building and creating from the ground up has never changed.  It evolves over time, inspired by techniques and ever changing technology.  Traditions and stories get passed down from one project to another. It doesn't matter how big or how small the project is or if it's a new build or renovation, each challenge is unique and requires attention to detail.  It's a culture we believe in and want to share with you.  For over 70 years, Capaldi Building Company has been building and remodeling homes in the Metro Detroit area.  We believe in the process and look forward to sharing the experience with you.



The renovation side of Capaldi Building Company all started about 35 years ago when the Fred's (Sr. and Jr.) decided to expand the business.  Fred Jr. took on the roll of heading up the renovation side while Fred Sr. focused on the custom homes.  As the years have gone by Capaldi Building Company has continued to grow the remodeling side and become one of the leaders in the industry.

custom build

Custom home building is another area we feel we excel.  Home building is the foundation that Capaldi Building Company was started on and over the years we've never strayed from those roots.  Over time we've drawn on our years of experience and are constantly applying techniques.  As we move forward we find that being able to succeed at both custom building and renovation pushes us to be better builders.

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