Building Trust Since 1945.

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Fred Capaldi, Sr. founded Capaldi Building Company in 1945. Servicing returning WWII veterans, his portfolio and reputation for quality work began to spread throughout the Southwest suburbs of Detroit. By the 1950's, projects expanded into Birmingham and Bloomfield Hills with a main focus on custom homes.

In 1965, Fred Capaldi, Jr. joined his dad to continue to deliver on their commitment to details, experience, and passion for the industry. Since 1969, Fred Capaldi, Jr. has been an active member of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the Michigan Association of Home Builders (MAHB), and the Home Builders Association of Southeastern Michigan (HBA), where he served as president, is currently on the Board of Directors, and is a Hall of Fame member. Additionally, Fred Jr. is a trusted resource recognized by a network of attorneys to serve as an expert in construction mediation and arbitration.

Over the next 30 years, Capaldi Building Company continued to push company goals and found themselves working both the remodeling side and custom homes division.  

In the late 90's, knowledge was passed to the third generation when Tim Capaldi, Fred Jr’s son, officially joined the Capaldi Building team. Tim has actively participated in the HBA since 2003 and serves on the executive board of directors. In addition to his dedication to the building community, Tim has been recognized as Young Builder of the Year (‘12), Professional Remodeler’s Magazine: 40 under 40 (‘13), and Remodeler of the Year (‘14).

Today Fred Jr. and Tim operate Capaldi Building Company based on the tradition and values instilled in the company by Fred Sr. Their custom projects focus on large scale remodels and new builds.

Our attention to detail, experience, and passion for the industry is what keeps us evergreen in home building and remodeling.
— Tim Capaldi